Growing Dome Owner Harvests Over 100 Cucumbers

From Ross Woolf in Spanish Fork, UT “I love going to my Growing Dome every day as a place to enjoy the peace it brings.  We live in a mountain home with a very short growing season.  The Growing Dome has made gardening a reality for us (as well as protecting it from the deer). As an experiment I made…

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Colorado Growing Dome Sucessful First Summer

“My name is Nancy Pallaoro. I am writing today to tell you how much I enjoy my 26′ Colorado Growing Dome greenhouse. I had my greenhouse installed in August of last year so this is my first summer with my Growing Dome. It has been amazing the way everything has grown, and so quickly. I did not expect it to produce…

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Update from Green Angel Gardens Greenhouse

Larkin Stentz emailed us these beautiful picture of their 22′ Growing Dome Greenhouse at Green Angel Gardens in Long Beach, WA.  

Gardening Your Own Food

Peace as a practice taught through gardening

There is an intangible, but equally empowering peace that comes with the practice of growing our own food. Have you taken the time to understand where this peace comes from? In understanding the roots of this peace we can find ways to expand on it and move the practice over into other parts of our lives. First we will look…

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Freeman Public Schools’ New Greenhouse Classroom

Freeman Public School students in NE are just now settling into their new 33 ft. diameter Growing Dome greenhouse classroom. Over the course of about nine months they were able to write grants and receive enough funding to purchase the greenhouse classroom. The main contributions were grants from DuPont Pioneer and Farm Credit Services of America. Educators involved in the…

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Earth Day

It’s Earth Day

It’s Earth Day, and this is being celebrated in many places around the globe (see ). In our own small town, the people of vision were out on a cold day in their booths giving away small trees to celebrate Earth Day. There were many examples of innovation and many contributions to the awareness that we all need to…

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March 2013 Dome of the Month Winner

Reminding us of a season soon to pass… this beautiful photo from Kathy Pitts & John Stone in Northern California of their 26′ Growing Dome captures the essence of the winter solstice it was photographed on. One of the comments about the photo that was posted on Facebook sums it up best for us, “Lovely framing photographically too, the way…

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Dome of the Month

August’s Dome of the Month

Taken on the 4th of July during a fireworks ban across the state of Colorado , Richard Black was able to find a perfect substitute for fireworks… a double-rainbow. It just so happened to end at his 42′ Growing Dome in Durango, CO. Fancy that! Great picture Richard, and keep on growing!

SWEDEN: International Installation Begins

Richard Miller and his wife Janet made it safely to Sweden and were reunited with the Growing Dome kit shipped from Growing Spaces over the weekend. The build has commenced and is coming along beautifully. The international exchange is going over great. It seems Ludvig and Richard had hit it off well over the phone and email that it’s been…

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Where in the World? – SWEDEN

Officially Announcing the Winners of Where In The World contest!  And the winners are… do you hear the drum roll?? But wait, before I announce the winners, let me thank Ludvig Johansson and his family in Sweden for sharing their adventure. The new photos now posted show the amount of labor Ludvig and his Dad, Ove, put into building the…

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