SWEDEN: International Installation Begins

Richard Miller and his wife Janet made it safely to Sweden and were reunited with the Growing Dome kit shipped from Growing Spaces. The build has commenced and is coming along beautifully. The international exchange is going over great. It seems Ludvig and Richard had hit it off well over the phone and email that it’s been great fun for the two of them to get to spend time together in person. Ludvig’s entire family has been involved in the build and we have photos with Ludvig’s captions to share. When Richard’s finished building the greenhouse I’m sure we’ll get an update from him about his experience. In the meantime enjoy these photos in the new dome owner’s own words: Ludvig-Johansson-26-05.2012-7-168x300 Ludvig-Johansson-26-05.2012-3-300x168 Ludvig-Johansson-26-05.2012-8-168x300 Ludvig-Johansson-26-05.2012-4-300x168

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