The Greenhouse Pond Gets a Makeover

greenhouse pondThis new 33′ Growing Dome owner in Cody, WY got very creative with her greenhouse pond that comes as a part of the Growing Dome kit. She had a local artist, Mike Kopriva, paint the tank with a gorgeous underwater scene. If you follow the painting from left to right, you see that it starts with the local fish of the area, including trout and bass, then evolves to turtles, clown fish, and exotic aquarium fish, and then evolves to whales, sharks, dolphins, and squid. You also might notice the beautiful stone tile floor that was put in by a local landscaping business.

The above ground pond (also known as the water tank) is an extraordinary Growing Dome greenhouse design feature because it acts as the “Power Pack” of the greenhouse. Our greenhouse kits are the only kits available that include this special feature. The pond is a thermal mass that keeps the Growing Dome warm in the winter and cool in the summer creating an optimum environment in these greenhouses for year-round gardening. The pond actually supplies the same amount of heat (BTU’s) into the Growing Dome overnight as a small propane heater given 5-6 hours of sunlight a day on average.

Unique among greenhouse designs, the pond can be used as a beautiful space both for aquatic plants and fish AND as a beautiful palette for whatever you’d like to express. We recommend painting the metal of the outside of the pond with a matte black finish because that is the surface that collects and conducts the heat of the sun to the water the best, but depending on your preferences the trade-off of a little less heat input to have a beautiful mural in your greenhouse may be well worth it. We’ve also seen other Growing Dome owners paint the front surface a dark green, dark red, or dark blue.

growing dome pond greenhouse water tank

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