Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Design: Energy Efficient Year-Round Kits

Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Design:
Energy Efficient Year Round Greenhouse Kits

With our Growing Dome®, greenhouse designs — the most energy-efficient greenhouse kits available — enjoy indoor gardening year round using the best in solar greenhouse technology. Our year-round greenhouse offers a unique indoor growing environment for organic gardening. Growing Spaces® geodesic greenhouses are designed for both tropical and cold hardy plants.


The geodesic greenhouse kits are unique, robust garden structures, made from wood struts and metal hubs and covered by polycarbonate glazing panels. Our Growing Dome greenhouse designs are desirable for indoor gardening, and these year-round greenhouses make organic gardening possible even in harsh climates. Growing Spaces geodesic greenhouses allow families and communities to grow fruits, vegetables and flowers in a space that also offers a peaceful sanctuary, perfect for relaxing.


The unique greenhouse design combination of these key features makes the Growing Dome the most advanced greenhouse kit design in the world

Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Shape

1. Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Shape

The first greenhouse design feature is, of course, the geodesic shape of the Growing Dome. While it is a beautifully shaped building, its real beauty lies in its strength. The triangle shapes forming the Growing Dome create a geometric pattern of strength not replicated in a simple rectangular shape.

WIND: The Growing Dome is incredibly wind friendly as the wind simply flows around it. A rectangular greenhouse has a much larger surface area for the wind to push against.

SNOW: The round shape also handles snow effortlessly because it allows snow to slide off naturally, so there’s rarely, if ever, that much snow pushing down on the green house. The geodesic structure is immensely strong, as it is made of triangles: the most rigid shape.

SOLAR INPUT: The curved surface of the Growing Dome allows for a very even heat input by the sun throughout the day. A rectangular greenhouse has a large flat area sloping south allowing a larger amount of sunlight to come in at mid-day, whereas in the early morning and late afternoon the light input is negligible.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Heat loss from any structure is proportional to the surface area of the structure. A spherical shape has the minimum surface area for the amount of floor space enclosed. The Growing Dome is much more effective at keeping the heat in on a cold winter night simply by having 40% less surface area than a rectangular structure through which the heat can escape.
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Greenhouse polycarbonate glazing panels

2. High Quality Polycarbonate Glazing Panels

  • Our greenhouse design features high quality polycarbonate glazing panels for a clear, rigid translucent covering that allows 65% light transmission.
  • The 16mm, multi-wall polycarbonate glazing of our geodesic greenhouses has a thermal R-value of 2.778,  and is one of the premier solar greenhouse coverings available.
  • This polycarbonate glazing of our year round greenhouses resists breakdown by ultraviolet light and harsh weather impacts, like hail.
  • The life expectancy of the Growing Dome greenhouse polycarbonate glazing is over 20 years and the polycarbonate glazing panels come with a 10 year manufacturer warranty against yellowing and hail damage.
  • You and your plants will love the soft diffused light inside our Growing Domes!
    MADE IN THE USA, our polycarbonate is created using 10-40% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable!

Greenhouse thermal mass pond

3. Above Ground Pond

  • This extraordinary Growing Dome greenhouse design feature, a large above ground pond, acts as the “Power Pack” of the solar greenhouse.
  • Our greenhouse kits are the only kits available that include this special feature.
  • The pond is a thermal mass that keeps the geodesic Growing Dome warm in the winter and cool in the summer creating an optimum environment in these green houses for year round growth.
  • Unique among greenhouse designs, the pond can be used as a beautiful space both for aquatic plants and fish. VIEW VIDEO of the pond and how it works in our year round greenhouses.


Greenhouse reflectix

4. North Wall Insulation (Reflectix)

  • The North Wall Insulation (also called “Reflectix”) helps keep the Growing Dome greenhouse cozy during the long winter nights and reflects light evenly onto the plants during the day for maximum growth.
  • Greenhouse designs including north wall insulation provide shade in the summer and, in combination with the above ground pond, prevent overheating.
  • These special greenhouse design systems were pioneered over 20 years ago in our solar greenhouses.

Growing dome window vents

5. Automatic Opening Window Vents

  • Growing Dome greenhouse automatic vent openers are heat activated and require no electricity to operate. Growing Spaces’ greenhouse designs include upper and lower vents that open and close at an adjustable preset temperature due to the expansion and contraction of beeswax in a piston.
  • Cooling of these geodesic greenhouses is achieved as hot air escapes from the top vents and cold air is drawn in through the lower vents.
  • This creates a “chimney” effect and prevents overheating of our year round greenhouses. The window vents open and close automatically, freeing you to go on vacation without worry about your garden.


Undersoil heating & cooling system for Growing Domes

6. Solar-Powered Central Air System

  • In the central air system (also known as the “undersoil heating & cooling system”), a solar panel on the Growing Dome greenhouse produces electricity to power a fan which blows the air inside the greenhouse through pipes buried in the perimeter raised soil beds.
  • The air at the intake is warm in the winter and cool in the summer, so you are effectively heating or cooling your soil depending on the time of year.
  • This Growing Spaces system also helps circulate air through the solar Growing Dome to even out the overall temperature.
  • One-of-a-kind in greenhouse designs, this feature makes year round growing a reality.


Insulated wall for greenhouses

7. All Weather Wood Insulated Foundation

Insulated All Weather Wood Foundation Wall

The geodesic Growing Dome sits on a 24″ foundation wall which raises the greenhouse up above the snow and gives increased headroom. Raised bed gardening in our geodesic greenhouses is simple and easy on the back!

In our year round greenhouses, the foundation wall is insulated to prevent the soil in the growing beds from losing heat on a cold winter night. The Growing Dome greenhouse wall is lined with sheet metal on the inside and has a bottom plate made of ProWood, a non-toxic pressure treated lumber for added longevity.

Frost skirt insulation
Perimeter Frost Skirt Insulation

Our Growing Dome greenhouse designs feature a skirt of 2″ blueboard insulation buried around the perimeter to prevent frost from penetrating under the wall of the Growing Dome. The entire soil mass maintains an even temperature inside our solar greenhouses, despite outside fluctuations. Other greenhouse designs don’t include this invaluable feature.