Growing Dome Greenhouse Gardening Raised Bed Design

Constructing Raised Planting Beds in a Growing Dome Greenhouse

For those of you who may be considering building a greenhouse dome kit from Growing Spaces, we provide a selection of pictures from Growing Dome owners of their garden’s raised bed designs. In the Growing Dome, usually, there is an outer raised bed, a circular pathway, and then an inner raised bed. The beds generally are anywhere between one and two-foot-high depending on the personal preference of the owner and raised bed design is entirely up to the owner of the Growing Dome. Over the years, we have found our owners use recycled plastic lumber, redwood, Douglas Fir, plywood, sheet metal, adobe, rocks, recycled pallets and many other methods of creating the walls for the raised beds.

Growing Dome owners can also call us to obtain plans and cut lists for common internal raised bed designs. We would also be happy to discuss exterior planting beds and other customization options for your Growing Dome. We also discuss bed designs in our video tour of the Growing Domes we have on-site in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Please also note that the Undersoil Ventilation System is installed inside the planting beds around the interior wall.

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