Greenhouse Door with Window

The standard greenhouse door and snowshed doorway comes with every Growing Dome® kit. The 42′ Growing Dome comes standard with two. Growing Spaces® is the first geodesic dome kit manufacturer to develop and offer the snowshed entryway. The design redirects snow and rain away from the front of the greenhouse door. The 15′ and 22′ Growing Domes come with a 32″ x 80″ pre-hung, steel door. The 18′, 26′, 33′, and 42′ Growing Domes come with an ADA compliant 36″ x 80″ pre-hung, steel door. Sizes 15’ and 22’ do not have wheelchair accessible doors and are not ADA compliant. If you live in a hot climate and would like even more ventilation, we recommend purchasing a screen door at a local building supply store and installing that in addition to the door with window that comes standard with the Growing Dome greenhouse kit.

Extra greenhouse door.

Extra Greenhouse Door

An extra greenhouse door may be added to the 26′ or 33′ Growing Dome. The 42′ Growing Dome greenhouse kit already comes with two doors. In a community and/or school space where the flow of human traffic needs to be optimized, an extra door really helps move classes and groups through the space efficiently. Some building departments actually require this additional door before granting a permit. Be sure to check with your local building department to find out what they require. The extra door is also extremely helpful with cross ventilation in warm climates.