Automated Greenhouse Vents

Automated vents installed
Automated vents in the Growing Dome®

Free yourself from worry, responsibility, and indecision — let the automated vents regulate temperatures for you. Sometimes we are overwhelmed with the responsibility of managing everything in our lives. Greenhouse temperatures are no exception. You’ll be able to go on vacation without hiring someone to open and close up your greenhouse.

Automated Vents & Greenhouse Ventilation

The automatic solar greenhouse vents are heat activated and require no electricity to operate. The upper and lower automatic greenhouse vents open and close at an adjustable preset temperature due to the expansion and contraction of a beeswax solution within a cylinder and piston. Greenhouse venting and cooling of the Growing Dome® is then achieved as hot air escapes from the top vents and cold air is drawn in through the lower vents. Overheating of the Growing Domes is prevented due to this “chimney” effect. The solar greenhouse vent openers can be disconnected easily to close the vents at will. The two types of openers Growing Spaces provides for the Growing Dome green houses are described below.

The 26′ Growing Dome comes standard with one solar cooling fan that draws in fresh, cool air. One or more solar cooling fan(s) may be added as an upgrade to any Growing Dome kit for $495. The 33′ and 42′ Growing Domes use Electric Cooling Fans and the Solar Attic Fan for ventilation, instead of automatic vents. For the two largest Growing Domes, a Solar Cooling Fan Upgrade may replace the standard Electric Cooling Fans.

Bayliss automated vents
Automated Vents; Bayliss

Bayliss Hydraulicheck Automatic Greenhouse Vent Opener

The sturdy Bayliss Hydraulicheck solar greenhouse vent openers are custom made in the UK for Growing Spaces, and are not available in retail stores. The Bayliss openers are perfect for our small to mid-sized greenhouse vents. These automatic openers allow the geodesic Growing Domes to withstand high winds. This solar greenhouse accessory offers a “hydraulicheck” feature that prevents the vent from being jerked open by strong winds. The solar greenhouse vent openers can be exposed to prevailing winds in excess of 60 mph. View the Dome Choices page to see how many Bayliss Hydraulicheck openers come standard with each Growing Dome size.

Gigavent automated vents
Automated Vents; Gigavent

Gigavent Automatic Greenhouse Vent Opener

The Gigavent automatic greenhouse vent opener is made in Denmark with a unique damper and powerful spring built into it to withstand very strong winds. These openers are able to handle an astounding 60 pounds of weight.

The added bonus is that these automated vents open 6 inches wider than the Bayliss openers! The total 18 inch opening allows for increased airflow to help keep the green house cool in the hot summer months. This is why these openers are the standard for the top vents on our 18′ and 26′ Growing Domes.

The 18′ Growing Dome comes with one Gigavent opener on top and the 26′ Growing Dome comes with two on top. The 22′ Growing Dome top two vents use the Bayliss opener because the vents are too small for the Gigavent to operate correctly.