Electric Fan

110v electric greenhouse fan
The electric greenhouse fan installed

The Electric Greenhouse Fans are included with the 33′ and 42′ Growing Dome kits. The 33′ Growing Dome comes with one 115 volt AC fan and the 42′ Growing Dome comes with two 115v AC fans, standard. The 115v cooling fans are energy efficient and only use about 173 watts of energy each. Controlled by a thermostat, the fans will only run when they need to. These powerful 16″ fans circulate the air thoroughly at 2800 cubic feet per minute (CFM). This helps move hot, stagnant air towards the solar attic fan, which is mounted on top of the greenhouse. Each 115v electric greenhouse fan comes with a shutter, piston, thermostat, framing, hardware, and exterior hood.

Electric Greenhouse Fan

Electric fans may be necessary if you live in a cloudy climate and/or if the greenhouse is going to be shaded by trees during the hottest part of the day. The 115v AC fan may be added on to any Growing Dome size. If your location has plenty of solar exposure or if you prefer to be off-grid, the 12v DC Solar Powered Cooling Upgrade is the solution.