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Toyota & Growing Spaces

Toyota Takes Factory Efficiency to the Next Level -November 16, 2005 07:30 AM – John Laumer, Philadelphia Plenty of businesses encourage recycling and perhaps “green purchasing”. Some, even a few of the big multinationals, are famed for their occasional green designs. We haven’t seen many big companies, though, which continually green their designs, continually...

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Karen & Glen Everitt in Manti, UT

A note from Karen & Glen Everitt in Manti, UT: We received our 22 ft. greenhouse kit on April 11 and by May 23 it was completed except for a couple of finishing projects like a trellis and potting table which are now completed on May 30. We LOVE our greenhouse. It’s the first place...

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Larry Jones’ 42 foot Growing Dome in Kansas

Hi Udgar, Puja, Nicky and Wirt, I just wanted to take time to thank you for the Dome. We love it! It has been the best thing that we have done in years. We love to garden and our “Kansas Plains” climate is very inhospitable to many of the plants we love. We have very...

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