An Example of Sustainability and Stewardship in Action, Mission: Wolf

Growing Domes and Mission: Wolf

A Living example of Sustainability and Stewardship

“A wolf in a cage is good for one thing…to teach people NOT to put wolves in cages.” Mission: Wolf


I applaud the work of our friends over the mountains in Westcliffe, Colorado.

Mission: Wolf

You won’t believe how they are raising the money for their second Growing Dome® project!

But first, you have to hear what these folks do, everyday.

Mission: Wolf is a non-profit educational wolf sanctuary in Westcliffe, CO. It operates solely on volunteers and strives diligently to educate people on the value of wild wolves and the inherent irresponsibility of trying to keep wolves as pets.

Many of the wolves and wolf-dog crosses at Mission: Wolf were born in cages. Most wolves born in captivity don’t make it through their first year.

Through experiential education and their sanctuary, Mission: Wolf provides a home for wolves and provides experiences for people to connect, eye-to-eye, with wolves to demonstrate why wolves do not make pets and to educate how wild wolves help restore natural ecosystems by setting off a trophic cascade that helps restore watersheds, cool forests, and restore species.

The recognition of the positive effect of top predators on ecosystems is a fascinating ecological discovery worth the investigation, learn more about the ecology of trophic cascade here.

The folks at Mission: Wolf have been living a lifestyle and running a non-profit organization in a manner that truly walks the talk.

They are making a direct impact on the world through their endeavors of giving a safe haven for wolves, educating the public about the role that wolves play in our ecosystems, and they have been modeling sustainable practices is their business and lives: using wind and solar power, intelligent passive solar design, and recycled building material, all in ways that promote ecological stability, exemplify environmental stewardship and they are a living example of how to make a positive impact in the world!

sustainability wolf paw beds
Wolf paw beds made out of reclaimed material!

In alignment with their dedication to sustainable living practices, Mission: Wolf bought a 22’ Growing Dome last May to help extend their growing season.

It is going to allow them to grow food for the volunteers that live and work at their remote location, and to provide a demonstration to their visitors that it is possible, and within reach, to live a more sustainable lifestyle in this world of diminishing resources.

And if that’s not exciting enough…

they have already raised 92% of the money for their second Growing Dome through a Go Fund Me campaign!

They were so pleased with their first Growing Dome experience that they are at it again for the second go-around!Untitled How’s that for determination. Good work guys.

What a great example of doing what it takes to conquer any obstacle that stands in your way to creating a better world.

The depth and meaning of their cause brings such resolve to their mission that it inspires me as I write this.

We received a report back from them, which included this short video of their 22’ Growing Dome being built, of course, by volunteers.

I know that sometimes the idea of building a geodesic structure can be intimidating, in fact it has humbled some of the most seasoned builders over the years! However, it is usually that seasoning that gets them into trouble. A beginners mind can be a beautiful thing.

Watch as these volunteers construct this 22’ Growing Dome for Mission: Wolf
No, you don’t have to be a master carpenter or builder, just follow the instructions, have some fun and I think the music in the background probably helps!

Well, Mission: Wolf, like I said, is at it again and almost has the funds together to purchase their second Growing Dome.

So, maybe another video soon? Until then, check out their website at

If you feel inspired to help in their great causes, donate to their projects, and donate on their website to help them on their finishing stretch to their second Growing Dome.

And connect with them on Facebook.

I know one sure way to see that next video when it comes out: subscribe to their YouTube Channel and you will be notified when they publish new videos.

And if you have a bit of that entrepreneurial spirit in you, model their efforts with crowdsourcing funds for your Growing Dome, or for your next project that makes a positive impact in this world.

Here’s to Mission: Wolf, and here’s to all of you making the world a better place for the next generations.


P.S. In fact, leave a comment below and let us know what project you are working on, or would love to initiate to make for a better tomorrow.


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