Montana Greenhouses

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Isolated Montana Greenhouse

February 2020 Dome of the Month Veteran Jerry Bailey’s Montana Greenhouse February’s Dome of the Month features a 15′ Growing Dome in Philipsburg, Montana. Jerry Bailey, a US Army veteran, and avid outdoorsman built his greenhouse with our 15′ Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Kit in May of last year to become more self-sufficient. The 15′ Growing...

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Our Growing Domes Handle Spring Winds

Many people are concerned that the Growing DomeĀ® will be able to handle high winds. Basically the shape is such that the winds flow effortlessly around the Growing DomeĀ®. They have been able to withstand recorded winds of 130 miles per hour in Browning, Montana, Alaska, and the front range of the Colorado Rockies. The...

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