Idaho Greenhouses

How to Create a Beautiful Pond Garden

The above-ground pond included with our greenhouse kits creates an optimal opportunity for growth. -- It aids the growth of your plants in your raised beds, acting as the greenhouse's primary source of thermal mass, but it can also foster the growth of aquatic plants & fish. It can even promote the growth of a peaceful environment with soothing sounds and art.

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Backyard Greenhouse Dome in Idaho

Paula & Keith Rigby’s 26’ backyard greenhouse in Kamiah, Idaho sits on their retirement property nestled in between the new home they are building and Keith’s workshop. Yes, they did in fact build the greenhouse first.

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Succulent Greenhouse in Idaho

Daniel and Kerry Branagan use their 26' Growing Dome a little differently than most. Instead of growing food or flowers, their greenhouse is filled with beautiful lush succulents of all shapes and sizes. Kerry's love for succulents came about as a child at her grandmas when she saw her first hen and chick succulent. She was fascinated by it.

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