Greenhouse Gardening Systems

The Best Floating Pond Planters

Floating Island Plants for Your Pond Maintaining a healthy above ground pond in our domes depends on numerous factors. One of the most common questions we are asked pertains to controlling the algae growth in the pond garden. Floating pond planters are a perfect way to keep the algae away and add beauty! Why do...

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Transforming the Water Tank Into a Thriving Ecosystem

AQUATIC PLANTS The growing capacity of your garden does not have to be limited to what can be grown in the soil. Aquatic plants not only add to the aesthetic appeal, they aid the overall functionality of the water tank. Advantages of Water Plants Types of Water Plants The advantages of investing in water plants...

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The Greenhouse Pond Gets a Makeover

This new 33′ Growing Dome owner in Cody, WY got very creative with her greenhouse pond that comes as a part of the Growing Dome kit. She had a local artist, Mike Kopriva, paint the tank with a gorgeous underwater scene. If you follow the painting from left to right, you see that it starts...

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