Experience with Growing Edible Fish in Tank?

Please share your input and/or experience with growing edible fish inside the Growing Dome water tank.

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  • Hi,
    A couple of years ago I experimented with Tilapia in the tank
    They required much more oxygenation than Goldfish which normally grow effortlessly year round
    Also when the water temperature fell to 50 degrees, they died, so the tank does need heating if you are going to try them in cold climates
    Haven’t heard too much from other dome owners trying to grow fish

  • Hi,
    I am considering doing aquaponics in a Growing Dome. I am looking into Nelson Pade set ups, and wondering if anyone has tried to combine these two wonderful things – a Growing Dome and a real Aquaponics set up. Their website is “aquaponics.com.

  • Any updates from anyone trying to successfully do edible fish in the dome? We just finished a 26′ and would like to give it a shot. There doesn’t seem to be much info out there….why the limited fish options??

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