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5 Charities Fighting Food Insecurity

We wanted to take a moment and show our appreciation to five outstanding non-profit charities that are actively fighting food insecurity. Navajo Nation, Mattersville Vets, Urban Growers Initiative, GoFarm Coop, and the Food Coalition 4 Archuleta County and the GGP are all working to improve the health and nutrition of the people in their respective communities. See what Growing Spaces is doing to support these great causes, and learn how you can help. We are also excited to announce a new Urban Community Garden Grant opportunity for 2021!

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Jamie Oliver’s Passion, Our Gratitude

I was looking at an old Journal from January 2010 this morning and found that I had written “Growing Spaces has a new face! As we begin the new decade in times of uncertainty and challenge, Growing Spaces is restructuring to provide more education about the life-style our Growing Domes® support and our intent to…

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Michelle Obama and Growing Spaces – Working Toward a Common Goal

Today’s announcement that Michelle Obama is authoring a book on the importance of school, urban and community gardening is another example of the mind shift that is happening in the United States and across the globe. Her support of healthier, more self-sustaining lifestyles is directly in line with Growing Spaces vision. Growing Spaces was founded…

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