Tina Jones

Growing Basil in a Greenhouse

Growing basil in a greenhouse is a tricky balance. They don't like things too hot or too cold, and while they repel some common pests, such as hornworms and flies, they are susceptible to problems like aphids and Japanese beetles. Let us teach you how to grow basil successfully in your greenhouse. With our expert advice, you will tip the scales in your favor.

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Growing Celery in a Greenhouse

Celery seeds are tiny and can take up to 21 days to germinate. However, soaking celery seeds in warm water overnight will speed germination. Growing your celery inside a Growing Dome or starting seeds indoors will give you a significant head start to celery season.

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Growing Dome Food Banks: Feeding Our Communities

One of the values Growing Spaces holds most dear is helping those without access to fresh, healthy food sources. According to the USDA, the current rate of food insecurity is 10.5% of all households in the US. That means 13.8 million people in this country are without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food.   and beyond to alleviate food insecurity challenges through education, community outreach, and donations. 

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