Dome of the Month

June’s Dome of the Month

Congratulations to the Benjamin’s on their beautiful 33′ dome! Our facebook community has voted, and this is the picture they liked the most this month. Hailing from Cariboo, British Columbia, Canada, Darcy and Simone love their growing dome. “It looks very cool out there, almost like a UFO landed in our yard” remarked Simone. Way to go guys! and keep…

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September’s Dome of the Month

Congratulations to Isabelle La Souris of Quebec, Canada. Her stitched submission of the inside of her 26′ Growing Dome received the highest number of votes, and is altogether a lovely photo! For a complete slideshow of all the shapes and sizes of submissions for September visit our Facebook Page:

How to Sow Your Seeds

We have talked in our previous posts about sowing a batch of cool hardy seeds for our spring crops. A few words about sowing seeds may be appropriate here. The first thing to note is the size of the seed you are using, as they vary quite enormously. The average depth to sow seeds is a between a ¼ and…

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Transitioning from Winter to Spring

SPRING time in the Growing Dome, check out hint #13 ! Click the link below

Greenhouse Plans for Silver City, NM

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Healthy recipes from Jamie Oliver

Click below for article: Information on Jamie Olivers phone app  

51′ Greenhouse Garden Beds

Greenhouse Chocolate Zucchini Cake

Our friends in Taos, New Mexico once published this recipe – we just couldn’t get enough of this yummy treat, and wish to pass it on to our fellow gardeners… (** as originally from friend of Yart, Janine N; Yart leaves out the ingredients with the asterisks)         Chocolate Zucchini Cake Cream together: 1/2  Cup (**margarine) I…

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The Benefits of Gardening in Growing Dome

The Growing Dome makes such a difference in our lives.  The possibilities are just absolutely endless! And my favorite part is that my three-year old boy loves it just as much as I do.   He has made friends with the Frogs, Fish, and Salamanders …but hasn’t seen the baby garden snake yet.  Soon, he hopes!