How a Growing Dome Can Transform Your Lifestyle

How A Growing Dome® Can Transform Your Life-Style

Imagine what your life would be like if instead of driving to the grocery store to buy expensive organic produce, you could simply walk into your own beautiful indoor garden, and pick your own delicious fruit and vegetables, fresh from the plants themselves.
And imagine you could do so at any time of the year, and without having to pay all the expensive heating costs that you might expect.
Well, you actually don’t have to simply imagine it, because that is exactly what our Growing Domes enable you to do.

Here’s What A Growing Dome Can Do For You

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Grow Year-round High Quality Organic Food

The Growing Dome allows you to garden year round, growing your own fresh organic produce, free from pesticides and chemicals. With a Growing Dome, you know exactly what you are eating, and can relax and enjoy the vibrant health benefits that such healthy plants provide.

Gain Healthy Independence And Self-Reliance

Access to fresh healthy food is as close and simple as a walk down your garden path. You don’t need to drive to the local supermarket to purchase food grown thousands of miles away. It’s not only cheaper and more convenient for you, but it helps protect the environment, too.

Keep your heating costs low

Most greenhouses require large inputs of external power in order to work during the cold seasons, or in harsh climates. The Growing Dome’s unique combination of features and use of renewable energy enables it to produce all year, with little or no reliance on outside sources of energy. No other greenhouse on the market can boast such energy efficiency.

Create A Closer Connection with Nature

There is perhaps no stronger way to re-connect with nature and the miracle of life than working with plants and the soil. The Growing Dome allows you to work in harmony with the seasons to plant, grow, and harvest, providing a deeply nurturing experience.

Peace of mind, no matter the weather

Because of the innovative and elegant design of the Growing Dome, you can be assured that your indoor garden will be safely protected from all kinds of wind and weather. Unlike other greenhouses, the Growing Dome naturally regulates the climate inside, so whether it’s a blazing summer day, or a snowy winter day, you and your plants can relax safe inside.

What Our Customers Say

“The Growing Dome is its own private little world. Going inside the dome gives me such a feeling of peace. When I go in there the world stops.” – Crissy Karas
“Three to four times a day we’re out here just to see what’s come up. We just love it!” – Annalisa Mather

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