Greenhouse Soil & Compost

The Innate Value of Seed Saving

Using seed saving as a means to restore and promote the regenerative agricultural movement… Seed saving has saved my relationship with the land. A few years into my gardening journey I felt helpless as to how my work was impacting the environment. Sure, I was growing my own produce, lowering my carbon footprint, and sharing...

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Soil Composition

Blog: Soil composition is the most important, yet most misunderstood factor for many home growers. The health of your soil is crucial to the vitality of the plants you choose to grow in your greenhouse. But what is makes up soil composition? How does it differ from dirt?

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What is vermiculture?  I wondered the same thing myself, because listening to garden podcasts and just talking to people about gardening in general I hear this term often. I know it is supposed to make my garden amazing. I hear it’s easy. So what is it? It’s worms.  And worm poop. Before you say gross...

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