Richard Miller Educator and Ambassador 

Richard Miller

Educator and Ambassador 

Greetings All, Richard Miller here! I’m the retired vent maker. I used to  make all the vents for each Growing Dome and did for as long as I can remember. Years ago, I was a professional in commercial steel design, fabrication, and erection. Awarded even, several times, however that didn’t stop the company I worked for from filing bankruptcy and, sorry to say, losing my full retirement! Now that I look back on it, if that didn’t happen I would never be writing this. I wouldn’t have had the time of building vents for each and everyone of you. And now, I get to share even more of my time in your gardening adventure as the Growing Spaces educator and ambassador! Be it backyard gardener, or a school to add gardening to curriculum, I am there. What an honor to support you all in your Growing Dome experience.