11. 33′ Snowshed Doorway Stage 2

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Finishing the Snowshed Doorway


11-W1 – Snowshed Doorway with Diagrams Stage 2 (Same as 7-W1)

Click on the link to view and print the snowshed doorway instruction manual. Stage two begins with step 12.


Click on the link to view and print the diagram showing the screw patterns for the snowshed doorway polycarbonate panels.


11-V1 – Snowshed Doorway Instructions Stage 2

Note: This video may differ from your specific dome size. Refer to Written Instructions above for current installation instructions.

11-V2 – Optional Door Stop Installation

*Note: After completing Step 11, you can separate the balance of steps into “inside the dome” steps and “outside the dome” steps. If you have several laborers, this will allow you to divide your crew into groups of two or more, so two or more steps are getting accomplished simultaneously.

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