Working with your Home Owner’s Association

If you live in a subdivision or covenant controlled development chances are you will need to get approval from your HOA to install a Growing Dome, depending on their regulations. Most go off the size of additional structures allowed.  While our smaller Growing Domes may not require HOA approval, typically our larger domes will.

The first step is finding out what is allowed by your HOA. Obtain a copy of the HOA’s bylaws, covenants and/or deeds posted online. Or you can request them directly from the HOA management. Of-course you want to coexist in a peaceful way where you live and abide by the covenants, so you don’t get fined.

When discussing the Growing Dome with your HOA and your immediate neighbors, we suggest emphasizing that for many adverse climates and altitudes traditional greenhouses are insufficient for year-round growing. They aren’t properly insulated which can cause the plants to burn in the summer and freeze in the winter. The geodesic shape is extremely sturdy and will withstand 75 PSF of snow and 115 MPH winds or potentially even more depending on your foundation. Traditional greenhouses do not come close to withstanding wind, weather, and snow like the Growing Dome. The polycarbonate is 250 times stronger than glass. Traditional greenhouses only extend your season for a couple of months at best.  The Growing Dome also has a 10-year warranty against yellowing and hail damage and a 20+ year life expectancy.  It keeps animals and pests from destroying your crops. The Growing Dome protects your food from the elements, late freezing, snow and hail storms.

Proper site planning is also important when discussing the location of the Growing Dome with your HOA.  Always abide by your HOA and local building departments set back policies, and make sure it will not be an obstruction to your neighbor’s views or property. 

The dome can be customized to match the design and color scheme of your home if needed.  Either by simply painting the included siding and door, or special ordering your own siding and door to match the design of your home.  It also can increase the value of your property.

Another attribute of the Growing Dome that is attractive to HOAs it that it is a net zero, sustainable greenhouse that doesn’t use external energy sources. They operate completely off grid using solar panels and passive solar gain. The Growing Dome can easily be removed from its site and taken elsewhere or recycled. The water tank can potentially be used if there is threat of wildfires in your area.

Talk to your neighbors and other HOA members about what you are planning to do. It is always good to have support and camaraderie when taking something new to an HOA. Most people in these times are all about gardening and producing fresh local food sustainably. They will also be able to lobby with you for an exception if one is needed or a change to the rules. Educate and inspire. 

Feel free to use the following bullet points when summarizing to your HOA

  • Will be coordinated to home (Matching Doors, Paneling and Landscaping)
  • Approved by adjacent neighbors with visibility of Greenhouse
  • Designed specifically for high altitude growing
  • Grow year-round with no additional energy needed
  • Home-grown produce is healthier, more nutritious and tastes better than grocery-store produce
  • Withstands high winds, hail, and heavy snow loads
  • Conservation of water
  • Wild life proof
  • Water source for wild fires
  • Can be easily removed and recycled