Drip Edge Flashing

Standard Drip Edge Flashing For Greenhouse
Standard Drip Edge Flashing

The Drip Edge Flashing is a standard feature included with all of our Growing Dome® Greenhouse Kits. This feature used to be an optional upgrade. In 2018, Growing Spaces® decided that every greenhouse kit needed to include this feature. It protects the 24″ All-weather Wood Foundation Wall from water damage, rot, and mildew. Condensation inevitably forms on the polycarbonate in the winter months and drips down. While watering plants in the raised beds, the top plate of the foundation wall accidentally receives a little water too. Thanks to the standard Drip Edge Flashing, the top plate will remain as dry as possible during the winter and while watering plants.

Flashing Protects the Foundation Wall

Drip Edge Flashing on Foundation Wall
Drip Edge Flashing on Foundation Wall

In the winter months, the temperature differential between the outside and inside causes condensation to form on the polycarbonate glazing panels, inside the greenhouse. After a while, the water begins to run down the panels and onto the top plate. At times, water or ice will sit on the top plate for prolonged periods of time. Furthermore, most growers use the shower nozzle to water their plants in the raised beds, and some of that water lands on the top plate. Even though the top plate contains LifeTime® wood preservative, the wood will begin to degrade over time because it never has a chance to dry out. The Drip Edge Flashing protects the wood on the top of your foundation wall from moisture and long-term degradation. The custom cut and bent galvanized sheet metal attaches quickly and easily to the glazing with durable double stick tape.

Greenhouse Accessories

Growing Spaces includes important features with every Growing Dome greenhouse kit. Some items are not necessary for a vibrant and lush greenhouse, but depending on your climate and personal needs, you may want to include some additional components with your kit. Learn more about the greenhouse accessories that Growing Spaces has to offer.