joyful journey

Joyful Journey Hot Springs Spa Dome

Joyful Journey Hot Springs Spa and Rejuvenation in the San Luis Valley Relax, Center, And Transform Yourself From the Fast Pace of Life and Responsibility. Joyful Journey Hot Springs is not your typical “hotel.” Located in the picturesque San Luis Valley, and framed by the Sangre De Cristo mountains… They offer a rejuvenating night’s stay like nowhere else on planet…

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Mission: Wolf, Off Grid Gardening

Off Grid Gardening: Two Indoor Gardens at 9,000 ft. Elevation. Does off grid gardening seem impossible? Mission: Wolf accomplishes mission impossible. Not one, but two, indoor gardens at a staggering 9,000 ft.  Their secret… not green thumbs. Wolves. Off Grid Gardening with a Growing Dome Mission: Wolf proves truly unique. The wolf sanctuary in Westcliffe, CO, serves not only as a refuge…

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Pine River Garden Club: Growing Gardeners

Pine River Garden Club… Bayfield, CO Growing Gardeners and a Local Foodshed with a Growing Dome® at the Pine River Community Garden Instead of garlic from China and avocados from Mexico… The Pine River Garden Club cultivates their own local foodshed… Grows Gardeners… And shows you how to harvest what you thought wouldn’t grow here. Pine River Garden Club… Community…

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Growing Spaces Change of Ownership

Growing Spaces® Founders Puja and Udgar Parsons Pass on the Baton New Ownership at Growing Spaces… and What it Might Mean for the Future of the Growing Dome® A Growing Spaces change of ownership is shifting up the company geometry. Puja and Udgar are riding off into the sunset to stoke romance, share energy with kids and grand-kids, and follow…

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regular greenhouse vs the growing dome

Regular Greenhouse vs The Growing Dome

The Growing Dome® is not your run-of-the-mill “regular” greenhouse. In the world of greenhouses, it’s completely unique and leads the field in a new paradigm of year round gardening… a net zero energy greenhouse. Why is it Different – or Superior – to a Regular Greenhouse? Regular Greenhouse vs The Growing Dome Regular Greenhouse vs The Growing Dome The Geodesic…

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Growing Spaces Open House

2018 Growing Spaces® Open House Take a Little Trip. Tour 5 Sizes of Growing Domes®. Enter to Win a Hot Springs Pass and The 2018 Open House Special Offer. The 2018 Growing Spaces Open House has a garden seat set aside for you. It’s hard to know what a Growing Dome looks like, what it smells and feels like… how it works…

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Revolutionizing the Greenhouse Industry: The Growing Dome

Welcome to the Wonderful World of the Growing Dome®… A greenhouse revolutionizing the greenhouse industry. The Growing Dome is a net zero energy greenhouse. You can grow all year round… with no heater, even in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. How is that possible? It’s always fun to have Udgar mic up and wander out to the Growing Domes to…

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girl with flowers inside Growing Dome

7 Simple Secrets to Maintain Vibrant Health

  75 Year Old Ex-Dentist Reveals Effective No Cost Methods of Improving Health Naturally Following are 7 simple tips to maintain vibrant health… as given by this guy. And unless you’re brand new here, I bet you recognize our fearless leader… Udgar Parsons, the creator of the Growing Dome® and co-owner of Growing Spaces®. You’ve probably seen him in action….

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healthy snack

One Healthy Snack Without The Burden Of Prep Time

One Healthy Snack You  Can Grab On The Go… Without The Burden Of Prep Time You like to eat. You want a healthy snack. You’re hungry… all the time. It’s the same for all of us. We’re all hungry all the time.  My kids are always asking for food… always on the prowl for the next snack, and if I…

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garden herbs for flu

5 Garden Herbs for Flu Season

5 Garden Herbs for Flu Season Boost Immunity and Beat the Flu with these Powerful Medicines Found in Your Kitchen, Window-Shelf Pot, or Year Round Growing Dome® Garden. You can use these 5 garden herbs for flu season to boost immunity and alleviate aching, nagging, cold and flu symptoms. I honestly don’t want to talk about the flu. It hit…

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