Restoring Keweenaw Bay, Michigan

In Michigan’s upper peninsula, a program to restore native groundcover is underway. It is called the Zaagkii Project, and one of the tools they have is a Growing Dome that they utilize for propagation of endangered and culturally significant plants. This 33′ Growing Dome built in Keweenaw Bay Indian Community (KBIC), is also used to give training to the tribal leaders. Below is a video with Karen Anderson, a representative  from KBIC, to give some more information on the program and their progress.

In the following video Growing Spaces co-owner, Udgar Parsons, takes a tour of the new operation in 2010. See what this beautiful project looks like:

To learn more and see more photos about this project read this article written by the Zaagkii Project:

KBIC helps indigenous plant restoration with geodesic dome solar-powered greenhouse


  • How does the dome handle the snow that they get up there? I understand the Keweenaw can get 300″ annually, and have known a few people who have had their garages collapse after not cleaning them off for 2 weeks during heavy snowfall periods.

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