26-foot Dome Greenhouse Kit


Multi-wall – 16mm ($40/sqft)

$18,950 – Twin-Wall ($36/sqft)

530 sq. ft. floor area

12 ft. 7 in. tall

Fresh produce for 5 – 7 people

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The 26-foot Growing Dome geodesic greenhouse kits provide a solar-powered environment to grow organic fruits, vegetables and herbs, and beautiful plants and flowers. These spacious garden greenhouses grow enough to feed a household of 5-7 people. Many smaller families choose this size so they can have surplus food to store, sell or give to neighbors.  Or use the extra room for family dinners, patio chairs, yoga mats and have leisure space to relax and enjoy the subtropical climate.  Also a suitable size for schools where they can use the extra space for a small classroom.  This size is also ideal for Farmers and Growers who want to get an early start on the spring planting season by growing starters in the dome in the late winter.  This mid-size greenhouse kit includes a solar-powered cooling fan and you can upgrade one of the top vents to a solar-powered attic fan for even more air circulation.  Some of the polycarbonate triangles on the 26′ Growing Dome have taped tips to reduce waste and maintain affordability.  


At $40 per square foot, the 26-foot diameter Growing Dome is the sweet spot for families and growers.  To see our next smallest size greenhouse view our 22-foot Growing Dome.  Our next larger size 33-foot Growing Dome is optimized at $33 per square foot of gardening and leisure space.  See how Suzanne used her 26-foot Growing Dome to help overcome breast cancer and learn a more holistic way of living in her and her husband’s desert greenhouse.

What's Included

Installation Options

Self Install

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Full Install

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What Else Do You Need?

Your Growing Dome greenhouse kit is ready for assembly by you, a contractor, or our Growing Spaces crew.

A few items you will need are bulky and costly to ship, and easily available at your local building supply store. These Owner Supplied Items are not included in the greenhouse kit to lower your overall investment.

Payment, Shipping & Delivery

Growing Spaces accepts all major credit cards, but offers a 2% discount when paying by check, Echeck, cash or wire transfer.  50% of the order total, plus a signed sales agreement, is due when the order is placed to reserve a shipment date. The remainder is due at least one week prior to shipping the greenhouse kit. 

New Greenhouse Financing Option: 0% Interest for 12-months is now available through Splitit and requires a 10% deposit to reserve a shipment date.  Monthly payments will begin when the order is shipped.

Shipping / delivery, crating, and handling charges are not included in the base price of your kit. Local sales taxes apply for pick-ups and all Colorado residents.

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