Schools Look Here! Grants Galore!

Flagstaff Growing DomeIs your school looking at buying a Growing Dome? Or maybe you are just trying to find a good source of natural food for kids at your school, here you will find many links that are handy for finding grants to help you achieve your goal. We have had many schools successfully obtain grants for their Growing Dome Greenhouse projects. Here are






a few links to help you in your journey to start growing fresh produce at your school:

Garden ABC’s resources and grant info:


You could also try starting up a fundraiser on


If you’re looking to change what your kids eat at school there are many inspiring stories out there to fuel your project:


  • Sheila Gill says:

    I am a volunteer for our elementary school. We currently teach 4th grade gardening.
    This covers soil, germination, planting, growing, harvesting, cooking and herbs. We have a 5th grade harvesting day. This day allows the kids to see a garden ready for harvest. They pick and eat fresh produce. I cook several dishes for them to try and experience something new. We live in Southwest Montana and our growing season
    is at the time when school is out. I would like to find a way to get a small greenhouse which would enable us to expose the kids to the whole experience of growing.

  • Cody Anderson says:

    Hi Sheila!

    What a great experience for the children! Please contact us to receive a Grant Application and to learn more about the Growing Dome. Thanks!

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