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Enrich and Expand Your Classroom Curriculum with a Year-Round Growing Environment

  • Take Pride in Giving a Broader Education: From solar power, sustainability and geometry — to aquatic life, plant lifecycle seed to harvest and independence
  • Enjoy a Consistent, Yet Dynamic Laboratory: Endless opportunities to teach responsibility, stewardship, lifecycles and much more
  • Increase Student Pride… and Parent Satisfaction: Help them gain confidence, take ownership and enjoy a strong sense of accomplishment as they experience firsthand the impact of their regular actions in real time

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What’s Inside Your School Greenhouse Guide

  • Curriculum Integration: Explore subjects covered within the dome, including solar power, sustainable agriculture, organic gardening, and innovative experiments that align with educational standards.

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  • Transforming Education with a Growing Dome: Discover how a geodesic Growing Dome greenhouse can revolutionize hands-on learning in agriculture, nutrition, and food preparation year-round, overcoming the common challenge of summer break.
  • Year-Round Gardening Made Possible: Learn how your school can benefit from gardening activities throughout the school year, enabling students to engage in planting, tending, and harvesting, regardless of the season.
  • Nutrition & Food Preparation: See how integrating the garden’s bounty into school meals can enrich students’ understanding and appreciation of clean, healthy food, enhancing their nutritional education and experience.
  • A Living Classroom: The Growing Dome is not just a greenhouse; it’s an interactive ecology lab where students can explore solar power, seasonal cycles, organic gardening, and much more, fostering a deeper respect for our environment.
  • Enrichment Beyond the Curriculum: Find out how the Growing Dome supports a wide range of educational objectives, from STEM curriculum to sustainable agriculture, providing a dynamic, hands-on learning environment.
  • Success Stories & Grant Resources: Be inspired by success stories from schools that have already implemented Growing Domes and learn about resources available to help fund your school’s greenhouse project.
  • Planning Your Growing Dome: Get guidance on choosing the right dome for your school’s needs, considering factors like size, budget, climate, and educational goals.

With our Greenhouse Gardener Digital Guidebook, unlock the potential of year-round gardening to enrich your students’ education. From understanding the basics of greenhouse selection to witnessing the impact of hands-on nutrition and agriculture lessons, this guide is an invaluable resource for schools looking to innovate and inspire.

Embrace the opportunity to create a vibrant, green learning space that thrives rain, snow, or shine. Discover the power of a Growing Dome to transform educational experiences and foster a lifelong relationship with healthy food and sustainable living. Your journey to an enriching hands-on learning curriculum begins here.

Educators & Schools With Growing Dome Greenhouse Classrooms

students farming inside school greenhouse

When we asked how the gardening program has affected the student’s daily lives, Caitlin Lynch recalled a specific student who grew up in the city with no family background in gardening. This student found a love for something he would have otherwise never experienced. Now he has his whole family gardening and growing plants together. 

The Marvelwood School in Connecticut

Cooke City might be a town of only 140 residents, but there is nothing small about it. Located between Yellowstone National Park and the Beartooth Mountains in hardiness zone 4a, this quaint school is no stranger to big mountain weather. In fact, Cooke City has been referred to as the snowiest town in Montana, averaging 207 inches of snow per year. So you can imagine the disbelief had by many when Lara Belice, Cooke City School’s only teacher, poised the idea of year-round gardening. 

Cooke City School in Montana

school greenhouse at cooke city schools in montana