Unlock the Potential of Permaculture with a Year-Round Greenhouse

In partnership with Haven Earth, discover how a Growing Dome Greenhouse enhances permaculture design, ensuring resilience, independence, and a closer connection with nature.

Why Choose a Growing Dome?

  • 🛡️ Controllable Environment: The ultimate protection from windhaildesert heatcold winters, and wildlife, with the best greenhouse kits available.
  • 🤝 24/7 Community Support:
  • 🏆 Reliability: Award-winning geodesic dome greenhouse technology with 30 years of innovation and continual improvements.
  • 💪 Confidence: Trusted by thousands of gardeners across 14 countries and every US state, boasting a greater than 25-year expected lifespan.
  • 🌱 Empowerment: Gain independence from “big food” sources, cultivating your own sustainable food supply.
  • ☀️ Sustainability: Solar-powered and efficient, requiring little to no heating—perfect for off-grid living and environmental stewardship.

Exclusive Offer for Haven Earth’s Referrals:

A special invitation to embrace permaculture with a Growing Dome, featuring a Free Solar Waterfall Upgrade (valued at $350) for each purchase made through Haven Earth’s referral.

How to Claim Your Free Solar Waterfall Upgrade:

  • Fill Out the Form Below: Provide your contact details and the name of the individual or organization that referred you.
  • Specify Your Referral: Select “Haven Earth” from the referral partner options to ensure access
  • No Strings Attached: There’s absolutely no obligation to purchase. Explore what a Growing Dome can do for you and your family at your own pace.
  • Claim Your Upgrade: Decide to join our community by purchasing a Growing Dome, and the Solar Waterfall Upgrade is yours, on us.