December 2012 Winner – Tropical Flowers in Winter

Oregon Greenhouse in Winter

Growing Tropical Flowers in Winter. Congratulations to Gail and Bert Waser from SE Oregon on winning December’s Dome of the Month contest. Wow! They really blew us all away with this beautiful photo of their snow kissed Growing Dome Greenhouse full of tropical flowers. Gail took this photo on Nov. 18th and had the following to add, “A little chilly last night but the Angel Trumpet, Fushia’s, & tomatoes don’t mind at all!” Really – these greenhouses do grow year round! This is one of the reasons why we do what we do, so that people can enjoy a lush garden oasis in the middle of winter. It lifts the spirits in a way nothing else can when everything outside is white, gray and brown. Clearly many others agree as Gail and Bert’s photo received over twice as many likes (446) and way more shares (199) than any other photo entered to date. Way to blow away the competition and what a great way to end out the year! We’ve included below a photo taken on the same day of the inside of Gail and Bert’s 18′ Growing Dome.

Greenhouse in Oregon winter

A big thank you to all the contestants this year. We love hearing from you and seeing your success in the garden.

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