Visit Us in Pagosa Springs, Colorado

We welcome you to visit us at Growing Spaces and tour our on-site Growing Domes Greenhouses…

1868 B. Majestic Drive, Pagosa Springs, Colorado, 81147

  • Appointments recommended (800-753-9333)
  • Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm, Saturday and Sunday by appointment only
  • Free EV charging during your tour
  • Free gift (see below)

It’s hard to describe the experience of walking into a Growing Dome. There’s the initial blast of heat and humidity when you step through the door. Even when it’s frozen outside, the dome is full of life, rich smells of soil, and green growth.

The geodesic patterns mesmerize your eyes and the sound of the waterfall lulls you into peace. It’s a sensory immersion to behold. Especially when you bite into the flavorful burst of cherry tomato you pick off the vine.

Try as I may to describe it, it’s better to experience first hand.


Luckily We Have All 6 Different Growing Domes On-Site for You to See

If you’ve ever wanted to visit a Growing Dome that is in full growing mode, then this is your special invitation.

We have all 6 different Growing Domes on-site at our secret headquarters in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. And if you’d like, you can get your own VIP full access pass to our Growing Dome Gardens. Plus a special Growing Spaces gift.

Like I said, Growing Domes are best experienced. We’re happy to talk with you on the phone and answer your questions. We love sharing pictures and videos of our domes… and so do other Growing Dome owners. You can even take virtual tours of multiple Growing Domes.

However, all those experiences pale in comparison to opening a Growing Dome door yourself. And feeling the multisensory world of a lush indoor Growing Dome garden.

We’re here everyday Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM. And still… every time we go into one of the domes… it’s a magical experience. We’re always looking for a reason to have to go “check on one of the domes.”

Growing Spaces and the Geothermal Greenhouse Partnership were also featured in Trips to Discover “11 Fun Things to do in Pagosa Springs, CO”. Reach out if you are in town and would like a tour!


I hesitate to tell you about Pagosa Springs. It’s like a secret overlooked gem of a Colorado Mountain Town. It has a lot of the qualities you’d expect from a small mountain town. Only, it’s the best small mountain town… in my biased opinion. I really don’t think you would want to live here. I’m not writing this for the relocation guide. We like our small town to stay … small. But I bet you would thoroughly enjoy a visit. And, we know how to take care of our visitors.


The San Juan Mountains

The mountains and valleys and wildlife in our neck of the Western Slope of the Rocky Mountains  are breathtaking. When you live in Pagosa Springs, or when you visit, frequent stops for landscape photo shots is just part of any given day.


World Class Skiing

If mountains, valleys, wildlife, and hot springs aren’t enticing enough. Pagosa Springs sits at the base of world class skiing at Wolf Creek Ski Resort. They boast the most snow in Colorado and the skiing is some the best in the Rockies.

We like our small little town. And we take pride in how we satisfy of our visitors. You’ll find fine dining, craft breweries, and a top notch fine arts theatre.

You will not regret a stay in Pagosa Springs.

You’ll find us, Growing Spaces, and our on-site Growing Domes at 1868 B. Majestic Drive, Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

You can tour our 6 on-site Growing Domes at your leisure. Or as a guided tour by one of our friendly Growing Dome Advisors.

You’ll have a chance to stroll through domes, get all of your questions answered, and dream on plans for your own gardens.

And while you’re in town I’m sure you’ll find yourself on the downtown River Walk.


It’s a pleasant winding trail through downtown, along the pristine San Juan River. It meanders past local coffee shops, hot springs pools, and a unique attraction we are quite proud of… The Geothermal Greenhouse Partnership (GGP.)

The GGP is a local 501c3 nonprofit. They use three Growing Spaces Growing Domes to educate the community in sustainable agricultural practices by producing food year-round using local renewable energy.

Their big 42’ Growing Domes are right downtown off the riverwalk. They each showcase different uses of sustainable agriculture. And given their location, they use geothermal energy in their domes. They have an innovative approach to community development, sustainable practices, and growing food. The GGP is an exciting direction for Pagosa Springs and you don’t want to miss their domes while you are here.

A trip to Pagosa Springs is a wonderful rejuvenating visit.

You’ll emjoy a getaway to mountains, river walks, fine dining, Growing Dome tours, and hot springs!

Did I mention we have the deepest Hot Springs on the planet! Real Guinness World Record stuff!


We’re so confident you’ll enjoy a visit to Growing Spaces and Pagosa Springs that we want to sweeten the pot a little.

Our Growing Domes… like our hot springs… are World Class. Like I said, they are best experienced. And we want you to experience them.

If you decide to come visit us at our secret headquarters…

We’ll set you up with a unique Growing Spaces gift!

But, in order to get your special gift, I need you to do me a little favor. Organize a tour by calling 800-753-9333 and connect with a Growing Dome Advisor.

Visit the mountains and tour the Growing Dome Gardens.