Winter Wonderland – January 2013 Dome of the Month Winner

Winter Greenhouse in Telluride Colorado

Congratulations to Katja Wichland and Josh Rapaport on winning with this lovely winter photo of their 26′ Growing Dome Greenhouse in Colorado.  Protected by their adopted Chow Chow named Bella, they are at 9,000 feet elevation near Telluride and are coming up on their two-year anniversary of owning their Growing Dome. We’ve so appreciated Katja’s artistic photos and updates over time and are excited to be able to honor her this month. Aren’t the contrast of blues in this photo just beautiful? It’s so fun how this photo gives a homestead feel to such an unconventional structure. What a great way to kick-off the year!



  • Is the extending entryway something that the owners designed and built themselves or is Growing Spaces selling these types of entryways now? Thanks.

    • This is an airlock and is an item that we haven’t released to a wider audience yet. We wanted to get the snowshed (like Ed Berg has) standardized on all Growing Domes and with full instructions, etc. this year before we embark on releasing the airlock. We feel it’s important to have the snowshed standard so that everyone no longer has 5 feet of snow in front of their door. The airlock, because of it’s size, is a substantial additional cost, so we’ll offer it in the future as an upgrade.

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