Growing Domes Allow Plants to Thrive Year-Round in Harsh Climates!

  • Desert Regions to Above the Arctic Circle

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We deliberately designed our geodesic dome greenhouse kits for harsh weather conditions:

How does it work?

Our Growing Domes are capable of growing food year-round in most climates of the United States, without additional heating systems, even in the heart of winter.

Through the design of its systems, the Growing Dome Greenhouse comes equipped with its own internal heaters…the above-ground pond thermal mass and the Undersoil Ventilation System.

Furthermore, given the amount of insulation, thermal mass, and the inherent energy efficiency of its geodesic shape, it requires a third less energy than a traditional greenhouse. It can withstand winter temperatures down to zero outside, while not freezing inside.

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Experience the joy of winter gardening in the best year-round greenhouse for cold, wind, and snow

Winter gardening in your Growing Dome greenhouse is an amazing experience. Walking in your dome from the dormant vegetation outside into a thriving garden is both uplifting and relaxing.

The ability to grow fresh produce year-round is a major benefit of the Growing Dome geodesic greenhouse kit. Winter greenhouse gardening is possible without supplemental heat in most northern climates, which empowers you to have more control over your food sources.

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15-foot Kit – 175 sq ft

18-foot Kit – 255 sq ft

22-foot Kit – 380 sq ft

26-foot Kit – 530 sq ft

33-foot Kit – 855 sq ft

42-foot Kit – 1385 sq ft

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– Refund 100% of your deposit back to you if your project stalls during the greenhouse permitting process.


 – Provide a 5-year structural warranty and extend the manufacturer’s warranty on all parts, including a 10-year pro-rated warranty on the polycarbonate panels.


– Install your Growing Dome Geodesic Greenhouse at your site, or provide assistance via phone, web, and email for self-install.


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