Exclusive Offer for Winema Farms Community: Free Solar Waterfall Upgrade

As a token of our appreciation for the Winema Farms community, we’re thrilled to offer an exclusive free solar waterfall upgrade (valued at $350) with every Growing Dome purchase made through this referral. This beautiful addition not only adds aesthetic value to your greenhouse but also aids in regulating temperature and humidity, creating an optimal environment for your plants to thrive.

How to Embrace Your Healing Garden:

  1. Complete the Form: Share a bit about your wellness goals and how you envision a Growing Dome® enriching your health journey.
  2. Specify Your Referral: Select “The Stern Method” from the referral partner options to ensure access to exclusive insights and offers designed for our health-conscious community.
  3. Claim Your Discount: Decide to join our community by purchasing a Growing Dome, and the Solar Waterfall Upgrade is yours, on us.

Why Choose a Growing Dome?

  • 🛡️ Controllable Environment: The ultimate protection from windhaildesert heatcold winters, and wildlife, with the best greenhouse kits available.
  • 🤝 24/7 Community Support:
  • 🏆 Reliability: Award-winning geodesic dome greenhouse technology with 30 years of innovation and continual improvements.
  • 💪 Confidence: Trusted by thousands of gardeners across 14 countries and every US state, boasting a greater than 25-year expected lifespan.
  • 🌱 Empowerment: Gain independence from “big food” sources, cultivating your own sustainable food supply.
  • ☀️ Sustainability: Solar-powered and efficient, requiring little to no heating—perfect for off-grid living and environmental stewardship.