Why Growing Domes Are Stronger, More Efficient, Easy to Install, and A Good Investment

Why Growing Domes Are a Good Investment

Geodesic Growing Dome Greenhouse Kit in the summer in Colorado beautifully landscaped with rock walls and paved paths

Why Growing Domes are the #1 Option for Sustainable Year-Round Gardening

How does it work?

The amount of insulation, thermal mass, and the inherent energy efficiency of its geodesic shape is why Growing Domes require a third less energy than a traditional greenhouse. Able to withstand winter temperatures below zero outside while not freezing inside.

Each kit comes with internal temperature stabilizers:  an above-ground pond, an undersoil ventilation system, and automatic opening vents/solar fans.

Small Geodesic Dome Greenhouse covered in snow in the winter. The geodesic shape is why growing domes can withstand wind and heavy snow loads

How does it withstand harsh conditions? 

While the geodesic shape of the Growing Dome is beautiful, its real beauty lies in its strength. The unique geodesic design can resist winds up to 115 mph and up to 225 pounds of snow per square foot. The curved surface of the Growing Dome allows for a very even heat input by the sun throughout the day, maximizing solar gain. 

Equally important, our greenhouse design features high-quality 16 mm polycarbonate glazing panels for a rigid translucent covering that allows 65% light transmission. They also have a 2.8 R-value and are hail-resistant. Sourced in the USA.

two elder men installing a small greenhouse kit

Why Growing Domes Are Easy to Install

The greenhouse kit is pre-fabricated and color-coded with detailed instructions and videos to guide you through every step of the installation process. All you will need are power drills, a circular saw, hand tools, and ladders (scaffolding is required for 33′ and 42′ installations). Not interested in DIY you can find other installation options here

We also provide customer support through our private Growing Dome Owners Facebook group and our online resource library

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