Where in the World Contest


Sweden Growing DomeMany of us can look at this photo and envision what will be a great adventure. Site selection, solar orientation, leveling the ground, leveling the ground, leveling, leveling, and more leveling. You get the picture, but wait…

Where in the world is this future 26′ Growing Dome site? These iconic photos have become the feature of a little contest I came up with called ” Where in the World “. Submit your guesses to where in the world you think this may be by simply submitting a comment to this blog post with the continent, country and region or town by April 30th. I’ll select the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd closest winners and contact them by email. As a reward for your great guesswork, Growing Spaces will send out organic, heirloom vegetable seed packets, my choosing, to our three winners.

Hint ! Hint ! It’s not in Colorado, USA.

Enjoy, Richard the Growing Dome Vent Maker


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    • CONGRATULATIONS! You won FIRST PLACE Maj-Britt!!! Your guess was only 138km from the location in Stenstorp, Sweden.

  1. I would have originally guessed Mid-West MO, but my answer is hardiness zone 5-6 in Sweden.
    The underground bunker type of building has me changing my mind yet again so I’ll post my answer before I do.

  2. Oklahoma, The ‘bunker’ as Carole called it looks just like the tornado shelter we had on the farm (near Hobart, Kiowa Cty, Okla) I’ll guess southeast of Broken Arrow in Oklahoma.

    • CONGRATULATIONS! You won SECOND PLACE Richard!!! Your guess was 222km from the location of Stenstorp, Sweden. A mere 84km more than first place. Great guess!

  3. I say the south part of Sweden, somewhere between Kristianstad and Lund? And I think that bunker like thing is a root cellar.

    • CONGRATULATIONS! You won THIRD PLACE Hilde Dehuvyne!!! Your guess was 302km from the location of Stenstorp, Sweden. This was only 80km farther than second place and 164km farther than first place.

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