The Pagosa Verde Symposium: Growth Strategies for Rural Colorado Communities

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On August 9th, 2012, our hometown of Pagosa Springs, CO is hosting a professional collaboration to explore economic growth, renewables, geothermal development and sustainable agriculture. The goal is to move Colorado mountain towns into a sustainable future. We are excited to lend our sponsorship and support to this great endeavor and are looking forward to the event. 


Rural communities in Colorado, especially those in the mountainous center of the state, share both opportunities and obstacles in their quest for economic growth. Their terrain, resources and people represent a treasure recognized world-wide for its unique grandeur and recreational abundance. However, the stewardship of these treasures and the difficulties of sustaining a stable economy, within the limitations of climate, tourism and remote rural locales, are daunting. The Pagosa Verde Symposium provides an opportunity for rural Colorado communities to share their ideas and their experience in the process of creating vibrant growth in harmony with common environmental and cultural concerns.

The symposium will present business opportunities crafted to shared values and resources. Beneficial, profitable applications of sound science and sustainable innovation unite the symposium themes. The leaders have been chosen for their experience and ability to facilitate robust interaction among talented people. The leaders will suggest practical applications of renewable policies, energy, sustainable agriculture and green public, resort and residential building development. The goal is collaborative state-wide energy towards investment and growth in the economies of rural Colorado communities. All attendees are encouraged to contribute actively. Community leaders, legislators and experts from public, private and academic fields will focus on issues and implementation strategy.

Sponsors: Pagosa Verde, Region 9 Economic Development,  Growing Spaces LLC, Geothermal Greenhouse Partnership, Colorado Energy Office, Archuleta/Pagosa Community Development Corporation, Archuleta County and the Town of Pagosa Springs.

Pagosa Verde Symposium Explores Twenty-First Century Themes: Water, Food, and Energy


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