Thanksgiving Greens

Get Your Growing Dome® Now

And Harvest Homegrown Greens for Thanksgiving.

To Work Today Is To Eat Tomorrow

Dear Lover of Fresh Greens,

As a gardener who values Nutrient Dense, Homegrown Food…You have an opportunity to harvest fresh greens for Thanksgiving this year. Maybe…

There is still time to grow your own greens for Thanksgiving… with a little help from a Growing Dome®.

Imagine Thanksgiving Salad, full of vibrant greens, harvested out back from the sanctuary of a year-round forest garden.

The good news is you can still get your Growing Dome up and growing in time for a bountiful Thanksgiving Harvest. 

The Bad News…

The Bad News is, if you don’t get started soon, you’ll be left with limp grocery store greens again this year. 

The Geese Are Gathering In Flocks…Now Is The Time

Summer will not last forever.

The geese are already calling and gathering in the evenings.

Local department stores are switching to Fall lines. I even saw Halloween yard ornaments for sale the other day.

Despite desires for an endless summer, the cool air is descending from the mountains with enough “nip” to merit long sleeves on morning walks.

All signs of nature point to the inevitable changing of the seasons.

I resent the mindless consumer industry always pushing next season purchases. I want to slow down and enjoy summer now. It’s not Fall yet. I don’t want to pull us out of enjoying the present moment…

However, how we respond to life now influences what future present moments are like.

There is merit in properly preparing for the future so the next “present moment” is the experience we want.

It’s helpful to get gas, before it runs out!

Do you remember the story of the Ant and the Grasshopper?

The Ant And The Grasshopper: The Importance Of Thinking Ahead

My short retelling goes something like this: Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, there was a team of hard working ants. They were diligently working all summer long preparing for winter. They knew if they were to survive the harsh, cold winter months, they had to prepare ahead of time.

Meanwhile, their on-looking Grasshopper friend didn’t seem to have a care in the world. He would spend all of his time playing his fiddle, singing, dancing, wandering the fields, and chiding the ants for working so hard.

However, when winter came, once the leaves had fallen and frost had taken the bounty of the land…

…when the harsh, cold winter was upon them, the grasshopper had no food.

Poor Grasshopper was going to starve to death.

Of course, in the end, the ants saved their friend. The Grasshopper then understood why the ants had worked so hard all summer long.

I’m all for singing, dancing, and wandering the fields. I love enjoying the moment of the season…

…and sometimes it pays to think ahead and be prepared. I guess there is a time to work and there is a time to play, which brings me back to you, flocking geese, and pesticide spinach.

 If you want homegrown greens from your Growing Dome for your Thanksgiving Table this year…

…you want to get your Growing Dome into production now.

Prepare For Winter Now by Getting Your Growing Dome Produced, Shipped, Built, and Growing.

We can custom make your Growing Dome relatively quick.

Shipping happens at 60 mph, give or take… depending on who’s driving the delivery truck.

You can Build your dome within a week of getting started.

Growing, you know as well as I, if you want a Thanksgiving Harvest, you want seeds sown… soon. 

Beware Of Winter Before It Comes

A Growing Dome is the easiest way to grow your own food all year round.

The Growing Dome design, and its indoor ecosystem, is perfect for growing food… even in the extreme climate of the Rocky Mountains. It withstands high winds. Holds up against heavy snow. Is impenetrable to hail. And it provides a garden safe haven during cold winter months.

You can have an indoor, enclosed forest garden, any month of the year.

However, you need to get your Growing Dome into production today because…soon they’ll be going like hotcakes.

As sure as the sun lowers its angle in the sky, Fall demand for Growing Domes pushes our production, shipping, and installation crews to the brink of stress induced anxiety disorders.

Inevitably, in 3 to 6 weeks, the nasty “F” word starts showing up in Mountain Towns.


Yep, frost. Anywhere from mid-August to late September, the arrival of Fall announces itself to even the most stubborn deniers.

But not you. You see it coming already. You can still enjoy the rest of summer. There is time to sing, dance, and wander. But please heed the call of the geese.

Fall is not far away.

If you want to harvest greens for your Thanksgiving Salad…

…if you want your Growing Dome produced, shipped, built, and growing for Thanksgiving Bounty…

…don’t get caught in the after frost traffic jam.

Call Today. 800-753-9333

A product specialist will help you get your Growing Dome into production…and this year’s Thanksgiving Salad will be one to remember. 

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