Testimonial from May’s Dome of the Month Winner

Dome of the Month Testimonial

We picked this photo of Urs’ 22′ Growing Dome as May’s Dome of the Month before receiving this wonderful letter from him. It just so happens that his photo received the most “likes” to date, a lucky 111. Nice work Urs and thank you for the kind testimonial letter!

Dear Puja and Udgar,
Thank you so much for your outstanding work, designing, manufacturing and selling these Domes. It is a real asset to this world and a wonderful idea. As a Swiss I appreciate your perfect work when it comes to details like every nut and strut, every single triangle, the ropes for the vent restriction, the cover of the middle of a B-Side… and on and on and on…

You are doing an extraordinary job. And although I never got into personal contact with you two during the last 10 weeks – just within the construction movies – I want to express our  “Thank you” for what you put into this project. What an amazing idea and realization!!

And – You have gathered an outstanding crew! I especially want to mention Jaime DeGraaf, who did the best job ever – of anybody I was ever dealing with during the last 23 Year since I am living in the U.S. now. She was always around — even and especially in the middle of the worst crisis. Not to forget Jessica, the gem in your money department!

Although I had to go through great lengths with the delivery of the dome kit I never felt alone or bad dealing with Growing Spaces. You are were always here and I know, if we would have had the slightest trouble with building the dome, your help would have been around.

All is fine now and I celebrated the dome´s birthday yesterday Sunday 15 April 2012  with a glass of my favorite wine.
It was the highlight of my life for the last 10 years.

So I hope you enjoy my few pictures.
Want more of them,  please let me know.

Have a wonderful time and thank you very much once more.

Urs Walter Schriber, Yachats, OR


  • Thank you for your kind words. So wonderful to receive your experience, and just to respond, we TREASURE the team and especially the folks you mentioned. Happy Growing and thanks for being one of our clients. It is a lifestyle choice, you won’t regret.

  • Thank you Puja, I appreciate your work and all the efforts you ever did – Every day. Every time when I go to our little Dome where life thrives, I enjoy the flowers, the veggies, the salads – watching the Kois we now have in our pond. I just love to go there and more often than not I totally just lose track about time. It is just like being in another world. A world I could live in day and night.

    All my best wishes for you, your company and your. You do a great job. I admire it.
    What an outstanding idea and performance.

    Urs and Gabrielle from Yachats, Oregon

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