greenhouse heating instructions

To Heat or Not to Heat Your Greenhouse

To heat greenhouse in winter or not? The Growing Dome is a marvel of technology in its efficiency. With 25 years of research we can tell you that can be up to three times more efficient than a traditional greenhouse. Not only does the geodesic shape contribute to this efficiency, but the solar powered heat storage systems and smart insulation…

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March 2013 Dome of the Month Winner

Reminding us of a season soon to pass… this beautiful photo from Kathy Pitts & John Stone in Northern California of their 26′ Growing Dome captures the essence of the winter solstice it was photographed on. One of the comments about the photo that was posted on Facebook sums it up best for us, “Lovely framing photographically too, the way…

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Planting Early Season Catch Crops

There are some terms we year-round gardeners throw around pretty easily and “catch crop” is one of them. It sounds complicated, but is actually very simple.  A catch crop is a fast-growing, quickly maturing crop that can be grown between cold season (winter) and warm season (summer) crops. January is most definitely too early to plant any warm weather crops like…

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floating row cover in the greenhouse

Floating Row Covers in the Greenhouse

It’s been an especially cold winter for many parts of the country. We here in Colorado had the brunt of it during December and now the midwest and northeast are experiencing exceptionally cold temperatures. We’ve received a flood of questions about when and how to heat. It largely depends on the amount of sunshine you receive and secondarily depends on…

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January Dome of the Month 2013

Winter Wonderland – January 2013 Dome of the Month Winner

Congratulations to Katja Wichland and Josh Rapaport on winning with this lovely winter photo of their 26′ Growing Dome protected by their adopted Chow Chow named Bella. They are at 9,000 feet elevation near Telluride, Colorado and are coming up on their two-year anniversary of owning their Growing Dome. We’ve so appreciated Katja’s artistic photos and updates over time and…

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December Dome of the Month

December Winner – Tropical Flowers in Winter

Growing Tropical Flowers in Winter. Congratulations to Gail and Bert Waser from SE Oregon on winning December’s Dome of the Month contest. Wow! They really blew us all away with this beautiful photo of their snow kissed Growing Dome full of tropical flowers. Gail took this photo on Nov. 18th and had the following to add, “A little chilly last…

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An Entirely New Canvas

My family and I are in the first year with our 26′ Growing Dome. This winter we are not at full capacity because we didn’t have time to get all of the beds built before the soil we needed to bring into the greenhouse froze solid to the ground. Right now we’re growing in a mix of raised beds and…

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November’s Dome of the Month Winner

                            Congratulations to Larry Berger of Winominee, WI on his gorgeous photo of his aromatic Brugmansia inside of his 22′ Growing Dome. Larry posted so many great photos throughout October and September that we had a hard time choosing. He may not have received the most votes…

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Keeping the Greenhouse Warm in the Far North

We had a great question come up recently from a customer that we wanted to share with you! Question: Where is your northern-most dome located? If someone upgraded to use solar hot water heat exchangers, what winter temperatures could the greenhouse still be operational at? Answer: We have nine Growing Domes in Alaska as well as nineteen from British Columbia…

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How Winter Growing is Possible

The difference between the inside and outside of the dome on a cold winter night depends on how many sunny days you are having. With the domes 7 unique features for heating and cooling, we are able to grow year round, even in the Rocky Mountains, because we can keep the temperature at a decent level from the dome’s unique…

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