spring growing

Unusual Spring Weather

This early spring has been a guilty pleasure for what it seems like everyone in the continental United States, but we’re all secretly wondering what this means. Are we in for a major drought? When will the strong winds and tornadoes die down?  Is this what global warming looks like? We definitely can’t answer any...

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Spring Planting, Inside & Out

This is the most exciting time of year to be involved in gardening and we can’t help but join in and share spring planting info. When the bug hits to get growing it’s hard to resist, but when REALLY is the best time to sow what seeds in spring? And is there a way to...

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How to Sow Your Seeds

We have talked in our previous posts about sowing a batch of cool hardy seeds for our spring crops. A few words about sowing seeds may be appropriate here. The first thing to note is the size of the seed you are using, as they vary quite enormously. The average depth to sow seeds is...

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