spring gardening tips

Planting Early Season Catch Crops

There are some terms we year-round gardeners throw around pretty easily and “catch crop” is one of them. It sounds complicated, but is actually very simple.  A catch crop is a fast-growing, quickly maturing crop that can be grown between cold season (winter) and warm season (summer) crops. January is most definitely too early to plant...

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Unusual Spring Weather

This early spring has been a guilty pleasure for what it seems like everyone in the continental United States, but we’re all secretly wondering what this means. Are we in for a major drought? When will the strong winds and tornadoes die down?  Is this what global warming looks like? We definitely can’t answer any...

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March Tomatoes in Growing Dome Greenhouse

Can you guys believe we already have tomatoes sprouting in the Dome – in MID MARCH! – in Southern Colorado – from last years plants that have been ripped out!! You won’t see a single green leaf outside the Dome, for at least another month or two!!  (We’ll be eating tomatoes from this plant by...

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