2013 Growing Spaces In-Kind Grant Winners Announced

We are pleased to announce the top three winners of this year’s Growing Spaces In-kind Grant Awards. Each of these well deserving organizations has diligently planned and raised funds for their education programs that will include a Growing Dome® greenhouse. It is with great joy that we join the movements to contribute to and support these beautiful projects. First Place:…

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Edible Schoolyard Project: Lesson Plans, Fundraising and More!

We are so impressed and amazed to see how the school garden concept is infusing rural and urban communities across the country. The next generation honestly has so many opportunities to connect back with their food and the land. It’s also stunning how technology has quickened the pace of this movement far beyond what anyone thought was possible. For years…

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Food Revolution

Our Dirt Work Leads to a Food Revolution

Each weekend I have a chance to look at our culture from a big picture place and notice both the troubles we are facing globally and in the US, as well as see the progress of those innovators who are bringing solutions. In an article, in 2011, Jessica Murray talked about the revolutionary times of the late 60’s for our…

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Naropa University Greenhouse Conducts Valuable Research

We recently received an update from Jason Gerhardt at Naropa University Greenhouse in Boulder, CO on the current projects going on in their 22′ Growing Dome named the William D. Jones Community Greenhouse and… we were stunned that so many amazing things were going on in their greenhouse! Not only are the projects prolific, but they are unique, specialized and culturally…

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Reed City High School

Garden Innovation Continues at Reed City High School

It’s been well over a year now that we have been following Reed City High School’s progress in their 51′ Growing Dome. The science students are working on a number of innovative gardening projects including aquaponics, hydroponics and vermicomposting. It’s so fantastic to see this group of youth getting the full benefit of the learning possible in a year-round greenhouse…

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Teaching at the Greenhouse

October’s Dome of the Month – Educating the Young Ones

So many youth do not have access to education about WHERE their food comes from and we support and uphold the movement to change that however we can. This month we would like to honor Mini University in Ohio for their dedication to the mission of gifting pre-school age children with the experience of growing their own food. In their…

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Making the Most of the Slow Money Rocky Mountain Regional Gathering

On September 1st, 2012 a team of six people from the Growing Spaces community, including owners Puja and Udgar Parsons, attended the Slow Money Regional Gathering in Carbondale, CO. After attending last year’s national gathering in San Fransisco, CA Puja and Udgar were so excited to be a part of a gathering more close to home. It was a beautiful day…

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Learning in Grand Traverse Academy’s Growing Dome

Grand Traverse Academy in Michigan has been using aquaponic and hydroponic techniques in their Growing Dome garden for 2 years with great success. They are learning a lot along the way and continuing to increase their yield. Their fish species of choice does well in cold water and provides them with fertilized water for their gardening system. In this article…

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Rocky Mountain Youth Corps

Students Learn Firsthand About Growing Food

A great partnership between Taos’ Chrysalis Alternative School and the Rocky Mountain Youth Corps has come to fruition with the building and gardening of their new 26′ Growing Dome. Thanks to this article from The Taos News we get to share with you their outstanding progress… “Students at Taos’ Chrysalis Alternative School are learning about agriculture and local history while…

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Listen in on Positive About Pagosa

We have a great recording to share with you from an interview at the local KWUF Radio’s Positive About Pagosa radio show with Udgar Parsons, Growing Spaces LLC owner & founder. Udgar shares his journey of discovering Pagosa Springs, Colorado as the home for his family and his business  and how he came to create the Growing Dome. He also…

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