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Grapes Galore – July 2013 Dome of the Month

The results are in, and we got a bunch of votes (747) and a slew of comments (42) about Bernadette Dickinson’s photo of her bunches of grapes. It makes us want to take the short drive south to Ignacio just to be able to eat a handful out of Bernadette’s 22′ Growing Dome Greenhouse in...

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Proof that Gardening Gives a Natural Mood Lift

How many people do you know who are affected by depression, anxiety, stress or other emotional illness? Or maybe the better question is: Who do you know that is not affected? The pressures of today’s increasingly fast-paced, high-tech society that demands you know all things at all times and learn to do them all at...

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What About Farm-to-School for the Little Ones?

I am not very good at baking….there I admit it. I love to cook but have a mental block on baking. It is challenging, to say the least, with all of my food allergies. (Wheat, gluten, eggs, dairy!) So I gave it up long ago but in the recent months the need has come back...

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