Puja Parsons and Udgar Parsons Owners of Growing Spaces

Boutique Manufacturing & Sustainable Greenhouses

Growing Spaces greenhouses was recently paid a visit by a CompanyWeek reporter. Owners of the company, Puja and Udgar Parsons, had an opportunity to take the reporter on a tour and share about our unique sustainable Growing Dome greenhouses. Puja Parsons is quoted throughout the article, and on this day she took the opportunity to share some of the new…

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Gardening Your Own Food

Peace as a practice taught through gardening

There is an intangible, but equally empowering peace that comes with the practice of growing our own food. Have you taken the time to understand where this peace comes from? In understanding the roots of this peace we can find ways to expand on it and move the practice over into other parts of our lives. First we will look…

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Learning About GMO’s

by Puja Dhyan Parsons I have called myself “A-Political” forever and find that as I read about the health dangers of GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms), I am drawn into the commitment to let my legislators know that sanity is needed and more education shows that we simply must turn the tide of food policies toward natural living. When I think…

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Green Business Award

A Dream to Award Good Food to All

I write on Martin Luther King Jr. Day and the day of our President’s second inauguration. Many synchronicities stir me as I consider this time January 21,2013 and what it means to me.  In his speech, fifty years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King reminded us of the power of “having a dream”….that is, “thinking outside the box” and allowing a…

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Happy Holidays …

This is the time of year that my inner child delights in the music, Christmas lights and spirit of giving. My excitement is an appreciation for the turning inward of the shorter days, the relief of cozying our home and coming inside for more reflection. A reverence for inwardness symbolized by the Solstice, as well as the new birth of…

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Shumei International Visit

Shumei International Institute Members visit Growing Spaces

Last week, staff members of the Shumei International Institute in Crestone, Co. took advantage of the mild November weather and travelled to Pagosa Springs for a day of relaxing, sightseeing, and, of course,  soaking in the  ” Healing Waters ” of the hot springs. After breakfast hosted by Growing Spaces at the “Famous” Pagosa Baking Co., the group toured and…

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Earth on a blade of grass

Becoming a Green Business

In the November – December 2012 issue of the southwest Colorado EPIC Magazine, the co-owner and CEO of Growing Spaces, Puja Dhyan Parsons, contributed an article on “Becoming a Green Business”. Puja’s “how to” isn’t in the traditional way you would think. The article can be found at http://www.epicmag.org/november-december-2012/files/inc/17503068.pdf on page 16.    

Dome of the Month

August’s Dome of the Month

Taken on the 4th of July during a fireworks ban across the state of Colorado , Richard Black was able to find a perfect substitute for fireworks… a double-rainbow. It just so happened to end at his 42′ Growing Dome in Durango, CO. Fancy that! Great picture Richard, and keep on growing!

The Return Customers

Meet David and Edna Allen, some home gardeners who have enjoyed their Growing Dome, enjoyed it so much in fact that they have actually bought seven of them. In this video they talk to Puja Parsons about their many Growing Domes, and some of the techniques they use to to grow all year long.

Story Time With Truckee Community Farm

Bill Kelly and Susie Sutphin, two of the people who have started a project they call Truckee Community Farms, came to Growing Spaces and explained what their focus is and how they got started. We love to hear from people like these who take a good idea and put it into action, and we are so thankful to them for…

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