Surprise Spring Snow – May 2013 Dome of the Month

Congratulations to Cate Graber on winning the Dome of the Month contest for May. This fun pair of photos of her 26′ Growing Dome greenhouse shows how quickly the weather can change in the Rocky Mountains. Her peach tree had just decided to start blooming above 6,400 feet. Then Mother Nature had a different plan. Sunny and dry one day and…

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Part 3: 33′ Growing Dome Installation at the Shumei Natural Agriculture Garden

As the 33′ Growing Dome at the Shumei Natural Agriculture Garden at the Rodale Institute continues to take shape we see how many wonderful volunteers are pitching in to make this project happen. Richard Miller, Growing Spaces installation supervisor, has been kind enough to send us updates as they go. 4-9-13 Tues. I checked hubs again and rechecked for tightness….

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Garden Art – April 2013 Dome of the Month Winner

We feel fortunate to have people like April’s Dome of the Month Winner, Larry Berger, in our lives. They turn their passion, no matter what it is, into an art form. His passion just so happens to be our passion, gardening. He won April’s contest with this lovely overview shot of his full garden and it’s so rewarding to see…

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Part 2: 33′ Growing Dome Installation at the Shumei Natural Agriculture Garden

The 33′ Growing Dome at the Shumei Natural Agriculture Garden at the Rodale Institute is going up nicely. Richard Miller has been kind enough to send us updates as they go, so you can feel like you’re right there with them! 4-2-13 Puxatawney Phil is part of a stew right about now. No, not because the weather is any thing…

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March 2013 Dome of the Month Winner

Reminding us of a season soon to pass… this beautiful photo from Kathy Pitts & John Stone in Northern California of their 26′ Growing Dome captures the essence of the winter solstice it was photographed on. One of the comments about the photo that was posted on Facebook sums it up best for us, “Lovely framing photographically too, the way…

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Green Business Award

A Dream to Award Good Food to All

I write on Martin Luther King Jr. Day and the day of our President’s second inauguration. Many synchronicities stir me as I consider this time January 21,2013 and what it means to me.  In his speech, fifty years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King reminded us of the power of “having a dream”….that is, “thinking outside the box” and allowing a…

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January Dome of the Month 2013

Winter Wonderland – January 2013 Dome of the Month Winner

Congratulations to Katja Wichland and Josh Rapaport on winning with this lovely winter photo of their 26′ Growing Dome protected by their adopted Chow Chow named Bella. They are at 9,000 feet elevation near Telluride, Colorado and are coming up on their two-year anniversary of owning their Growing Dome. We’ve so appreciated Katja’s artistic photos and updates over time and…

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Shumei International Visit

Shumei International Institute Members visit Growing Spaces

Last week, staff members of the Shumei International Institute in Crestone, Co. took advantage of the mild November weather and travelled to Pagosa Springs for a day of relaxing, sightseeing, and, of course,  soaking in the  ” Healing Waters ” of the hot springs. After breakfast hosted by Growing Spaces at the “Famous” Pagosa Baking Co., the group toured and…

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Earth on a blade of grass

Becoming a Green Business

In the November – December 2012 issue of the southwest Colorado EPIC Magazine, the co-owner and CEO of Growing Spaces, Puja Dhyan Parsons, contributed an article on “Becoming a Green Business”. Puja’s “how to” isn’t in the traditional way you would think. The article can be found at on page 16.    

Reed City High School

Garden Innovation Continues at Reed City High School

It’s been well over a year now that we have been following Reed City High School’s progress in their 51′ Growing Dome. The science students are working on a number of innovative gardening projects including aquaponics, hydroponics and vermicomposting. It’s so fantastic to see this group of youth getting the full benefit of the learning possible in a year-round greenhouse…

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