January 2014 Dome of the Month Winner

Congratulations to Denny Smith on winning the January Dome of the Month contest with his beautiful evening photo of a moon rising over his 33′ Growing Dome in Indiana! The installation of his greenhouse kit in early 2013 was a memorable one for the team as it was cold and wet! Denny was a great host, is among the favorites…

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Durango Students Lead Movement in Eating Locally Grown Food

Animas Valley students and their 22′ Growing Dome school greenhouse make big news, eating locally grown food. From the Durango Herald newspaper November 18, 2014: “Students and faculty at Animas Valley Elementary School were busy on Thursday afternoon collecting tomatoes, red lettuce, radishes and a few carrots from a greenhouse and garden on the premises. Coordinator Cody Reinheimer, back right,…

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Growing Dome Owner Harvests Over 100 Cucumbers

From Ross Woolf in Spanish Fork, UT “I love going to my Growing Dome every day as a place to enjoy the peace it brings.  We live in a mountain home with a very short growing season.  The Growing Dome has made gardening a reality for us (as well as protecting it from the deer). As an experiment I made…

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Growing Dome

Gardener’s Wake-up Call from the Wild

from Dee Armstrong in Fort Garland, CO “I’ve been working hard on the cosmetics inside and outside the Growing Dome while my fall crop ripens. I now have seven cantaloupe blossoms, ten beans that are almost ready to pick, eighteen bean plants that have already reached the top of the vent, and nearly eighty tomatoes. We’ve only picked three tomatoes,…

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Colorado Growing Dome Sucessful First Summer

“My name is Nancy Pallaoro. I am writing today to tell you how much I enjoy my 26′ Colorado Growing Dome greenhouse. I had my greenhouse installed in August of last year so this is my first summer with my Growing Dome. It has been amazing the way everything has grown, and so quickly. I did not expect it to produce…

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Home Greenhouses

Growing Dome Survives Baseball Sized Hail

From John & Barbara Eychaner in Banner, Wyoming “No damage to Growing Dome solar greenhouse after hailstorm. In mid-afternoon on May 26, 2013 we had quite a hail storm. I was not home but my husband was. Some of the hailstones were close to softball-baseball size which, of course, did lots of damage. We have had to have our house…

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Update from Green Angel Gardens Greenhouse

Larkin Stentz emailed us these beautiful picture of their 22′ Growing Dome Greenhouse at Green Angel Gardens in Long Beach, WA.  

School Gardening

Freeman Public School Teacher Puts Purpose to FFA Studies

Freeman Public School FFA program now has a Growing Dome. Introverts are typically viewed as unlikely agents of change, and it’s so wonderful when that stereotype is blown out of the water by someone like Tony Jensen of Freeman Public School. In this article that outlines the leadership role he took on to bring his students, school and school district…

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Grapes Galore – July 2013 Dome of the Month

The results are in, and we got a bunch of votes (747) and a slew of comments (42) about Bernadette Dickinson’s photo of her bunches of grapes. It makes us want to make the short drive south just to be able to eat a handful out of Bernadette’s 22′ Growing Dome greenhouse. Bernadette and her family have been growing in…

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Surprise Spring Snow – May 2013 Dome of the Month

Congratulations to Cate Graber on winning the Dome of the Month contest for May. This fun pair of photos of her 26′ Growing Dome greenhouse shows how quickly the weather can change in the Rocky Mountains. Her peach tree had just decided to start blooming above 6,400 feet. Then Mother Nature had a different plan. Sunny and dry one day and…

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