Puja Parsons and Udgar Parsons Owners of Growing Spaces

Boutique Manufacturing & Sustainable Greenhouses

Growing Spaces greenhouses was recently paid a visit by a CompanyWeek reporter. Owners of the company, Puja and Udgar Parsons, had an opportunity to take the reporter on a tour and share about our unique sustainable Growing Dome greenhouses. Puja Parsons is quoted throughout the article, and on this day she took the opportunity to share some of the new…

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Colorado Growing Dome Sucessful First Summer

“My name is Nancy Pallaoro. I am writing today to tell you how much I enjoy my 26′ Colorado Growing Dome greenhouse. I had my greenhouse installed in August of last year so this is my first summer with my Growing Dome. It has been amazing the way everything has grown, and so quickly. I did not expect it to produce…

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Update from Green Angel Gardens Greenhouse

Larkin Stentz emailed us these beautiful picture of their 22′ Growing Dome Greenhouse at Green Angel Gardens in Long Beach, WA.  

Grapes Galore – July 2013 Dome of the Month

The results are in, and we got a bunch of votes (747) and a slew of comments (42) about Bernadette Dickinson’s photo of her bunches of grapes. It makes us want to make the short drive south just to be able to eat a handful out of Bernadette’s 22′ Growing Dome greenhouse. Bernadette and her family have been growing in…

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Streaming Workshop Video: Growing Dome Garden Management

Watch over 4.5 hours of video of Jerome Osentowski’s Growing Dome Garden Management workshop hosted at Growing Spaces in the summer of 2012.  Do so at your leisure by streaming the video online.  We captured the best parts of this information rich two-day course on how to build your own permaculture garden in a greenhouse. Unique and helpful topics like…

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Grants & Success with Community Gardens

Community gardens create a wonderful space where neighbors and families can spend time outdoors, get good exercise and good food, and, most importantly, connect with each other. They also provide access to gardening for people who might otherwise not have the opportunity to nurture a seed from start to harvest. Sure pots on windowsills or in patios can bring the…

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Planting Early Season Catch Crops

There are some terms we year-round gardeners throw around pretty easily and “catch crop” is one of them. It sounds complicated, but is actually very simple.  A catch crop is a fast-growing, quickly maturing crop that can be grown between cold season (winter) and warm season (summer) crops. January is most definitely too early to plant any warm weather crops like…

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Replenishing Your Garden

Replenish Your Garden’s Footprint

Let’s start out by first acknowledging that gardening is an inherently Earth-friendly activity. The basic acts of turning the soil, sowing seeds, watering, and nurturing the plants literally consists of acting in a loving, gentle and kind way toward the Earth. Gardening is also eco-friendly in less direct but as conspicuous ways. The most obvious way being that our food…

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December Dome of the Month

December Winner – Tropical Flowers in Winter

Growing Tropical Flowers in Winter. Congratulations to Gail and Bert Waser from SE Oregon on winning December’s Dome of the Month contest. Wow! They really blew us all away with this beautiful photo of their snow kissed Growing Dome full of tropical flowers. Gail took this photo on Nov. 18th and had the following to add, “A little chilly last…

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November Dome of the Month

November 2012 – Dome of the Month Winner

Congratulations to Mike O’Neal on winning this November’s Dome of the Month contest! This stunning photo of the interior of his 33′ Growing Dome shows the forest of aloe by his water tank and the lush growth of his indoor garden in Oklahoma. He plans his entries just right (and takes amazing photos) so that he wins in the fall of every…

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