Dome of the Month

June’s Dome of the Month

Congratulations to the Benjamin’s on their beautiful 33′ dome! Our facebook community has voted, and this is the picture they liked the most this month. Hailing from Cariboo, British Columbia, Canada, Darcy and Simone love their growing dome. “It looks very cool out there, almost like a UFO landed in our yard” remarked Simone. Way to go guys! and keep…

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October’s Dome of the Month

This month we have a “shocking” Growing Dome photo to share with you from Mike in Oklahoma. We like to see this shot as a symbolic representation of how powerful the Growing Domes are! Too bad we don’t have a way to harness the energy of lightning in the Growing Domes. Guess it would be a bit unpredictable. Thanks so…

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September’s Dome of the Month

Congratulations to Isabelle La Souris of Quebec, Canada. Her stitched submission of the inside of her 26′ Growing Dome received the highest number of votes, and is altogether a lovely photo! For a complete slideshow of all the shapes and sizes of submissions for September visit our Facebook Page:

Reed City School in Michigan in the News

Reed City schools in Michigan Growing Spaces Growing Dome Greenhouse made the news! Way to go Reed City for doing such a great job with integrating the dome in your school curriculum and nutrition! Check out this inspiring video clip!

A Natural Way to Control White Flies

Q. How do I control white flies in my dome? A. The bad news is that you have white flies; the good news is that you have a number of options to try. If you catch the infestations early, you can take the time to treat individual plants with a dish soap, oil and water mixture (a recipe to try…

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RFHS Students Get Going

With the help of many – 42′ Growing Dome is complete! As far back as I can remember, my grandmother always said “If you want something done right – do it yourself…” As of today, I thoroughly disagree. The brand new 42′ Growing Dome greenhouse installed at Roaring Fork High School in Carbondale, Colorado has brought me to this decision….

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Paying Attention to Seed Spacing

After punching in this morning I went out to the 33′ Dome here at  Growing Spaces to check on the lettuce seedlings surrounding the new strawberry transplants.  Once again it appears we have planted way too densely again, not hard to do with fine little lettuce seeds.  So I spent about 10 minutes plucking out some of the seedlings to…

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Abundant, Organic Produce in the Growing Dome

Look what the  Dome has in store… After spending a few minutes in the domes – I had to grab my camera!  We have tomatoes, grapes, artichokes, figs, belle pepper,  squash just to name a few of the wonderful things growing inside!! What types of things are growing in YOUR Dome?!

Garden snake keeps garden pests & bugs to a minimum!

Spotted this little garden snake today! This harmless garden snake keeps pests & bugs to a minimum

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