Growing Dome

Gardener’s Wake-up Call from the Wild

from Dee Armstrong in Fort Garland, CO “I’ve been working hard on the cosmetics inside and outside the Growing Dome while my fall crop ripens. I now have seven cantaloupe blossoms, ten beans that are almost ready to pick, eighteen bean plants that have already reached the top of the vent, and nearly eighty tomatoes. We’ve only picked three tomatoes,…

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Gardening Your Own Food

Peace as a practice taught through gardening

There is an intangible, but equally empowering peace that comes with the practice of growing our own food. Have you taken the time to understand where this peace comes from? In understanding the roots of this peace we can find ways to expand on it and move the practice over into other parts of our lives. First we will look…

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Surprise Spring Snow – May 2013 Dome of the Month

Congratulations to Cate Graber on winning the Dome of the Month contest for May. This fun pair of photos of her 26′ Growing Dome greenhouse shows how quickly the weather can change in the Rocky Mountains. Her peach tree had just decided to start blooming above 6,400 feet. Then Mother Nature had a different plan. Sunny and dry one day and…

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Part 3: 33′ Growing Dome Installation at the Shumei Natural Agriculture Garden

As the 33′ Growing Dome at the Shumei Natural Agriculture Garden at the Rodale Institute continues to take shape we see how many wonderful volunteers are pitching in to make this project happen. Richard Miller, Growing Spaces installation supervisor, has been kind enough to send us updates as they go. 4-9-13 Tues. I checked hubs again and rechecked for tightness….

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Garden Art – April 2013 Dome of the Month Winner

We feel fortunate to have people like April’s Dome of the Month Winner, Larry Berger, in our lives. They turn their passion, no matter what it is, into an art form. His passion just so happens to be our passion, gardening. He won April’s contest with this lovely overview shot of his full garden and it’s so rewarding to see…

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Learning About GMO’s

by Puja Dhyan Parsons I have called myself “A-Political” forever and find that as I read about the health dangers of GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms), I am drawn into the commitment to let my legislators know that sanity is needed and more education shows that we simply must turn the tide of food policies toward natural living. When I think…

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Senator Bennett

U.S. Senator Michael F. Bennet’s Staff Visit Growing Spaces

On July 12, 2012 Terra Anderson, Constituent Advocate for Senator Bennet in Durango, Monisha Merchant, the Senator’s Senior Advisor for Business Affairs, and Terra’s intern Ben paid a visit to Growing Spaces to tour our Growing Dome greenhouses. They were on their way to Durango, Colorado for the Southwest Women’s Small Business Conference, where our very own Puja Dhyan Parsons, co-owner…

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PRESS RELEASE: Geodesic Greenhouse Manufacturer to Appear on HGTV Backyard Makeover Show

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SUBJECT: Geodesic Greenhouse Manufacturer to Appear on HGTV Backyard Makeover ShowGrowing Spaces is proud to announce their upcoming appearance on an episode of My Yard Goes Disney. The series features families who win a surprise backyard makeover that is Disney themed and is in its second season on HGTV (Home and Garden Television). With around million viewers…

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Dome of the Month

June’s Dome of the Month

Congratulations to the Benjamin’s on their beautiful 33′ dome! Our facebook community has voted, and this is the picture they liked the most this month. Hailing from Cariboo, British Columbia, Canada, Darcy and Simone love their growing dome. “It looks very cool out there, almost like a UFO landed in our yard” remarked Simone. Way to go guys! and keep…

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Where in the World Contest

Many of us can look at this photo and envision what will be a great adventure. Site selection, solar orientation, leveling the ground, leveling the ground, leveling, leveling, and more leveling. You get the picture, but wait… Where in the world is this future 26′ Growing Dome site? These iconic photos have become the feature of a little contest I…

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